April was full of events; we mention the main actions organized by OPTBR in collaboration with other associations / structures:

  1. The Health Tourism Forum, April 19-20, focused on debating the role and importance of national and international accreditations and certifications as a guarantee of the quality of health services. The main themes: the implementation of quality standards recognized at European level for the access of foreign tourists through Private Health Insurance Houses or Private Pensions companies, when considering the possibilities of launching a wellness prevention program involving hotels and guest houses.

- The National Tourism Health Partnership was launched, open to partners, both legal persons and individual, which aims to ensure a constant communication between all parties involved in order to improve and develop health tourism in Romania.

  1. The "New Tourism Career Opportunities" Conference organized by EuroGites and ANTREC Romania, in which an exchange of experience with the countries participating in the project took place and discussions were held on how to train the personnel in the field; there have been pointed out the difficulties of the spa tourism companies in finding qualified staff and how young people should be attracted to such occupations; an exchange of experience between the countries participating in the project was proposed.
  2. The conference "Tourism - the chance for the development of the national economy", organized by Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir, with several partners from the tourism sector and some academic units; OPTBR has been presenting information on investments in recent years in balneal resorts as well as ways to attract young people to this sector.
  3. The TV Promotion Campaign of the balneal tourism was launched, in a new concept, made by TV producer Razvan Petrisor; the campaign involves 14 balneal tourism companies; the shows are broadcast weekly on Saturday and Tuesday and taken over by TVR International, TVR 2, TVR Moldova and can also be accessed on the TVR website.