- In view of the requests coming from the travel agencies and the direct beneficiaries, the Special Offers Campaign was prolonged until 30 June by more than 20 hotels from the balneal resorts.

- Participation in the National Conference of the Institute of Balneology and Medical Recovery - where scientific themes were discussed according to the agenda and a number of prizes were handed out both to the mayors and to balneal tourism companies.
- At the International Forum For Responsible Tourism,  Bucharest, a series of aspects of the responsible activity were highlighted, insisting on a process of approaching new members.

- The "Connecting Europe through Innovation" conference organized by European Parliament member Mrs. Claudia Tapardel, with the participation of Mrs. C. Bielowska, European Commissioner, attracted a number of specialists including tourism, representatives of central authorities, business environment, etc. There have been presented the development plans in the field as well as some projects in collaboration with other institutions (Bucharest Mayor’s Office, Sibiu Promotion Association, etc.).


- The National Congress of Recovery, Physical Medicine and Balneology of the Romanian Balneology Association, Cluj-Napoca and Turda-salt mine; scientific papers were presented, a beneficial experience exchange was made and a study was presented on the potential of Baile Tusnad resort and how to capitalize it; the "Balneal Gala" took place, where OPTBR, together with other resorts/units, received an award.


- Congress ESPA - May 2018, Domburg, The Netherlands

The Congress occasioned the presentation and debate of topics of common interest at European level, of new programs; an original theme that wants to attract more naturally potential countries was the 'Forest - source of health' program, which enjoyed a major interest; on this occasion was presented by Professor Christian Roques the epidemiological study and the impact of the treatments with natural cure factors, a study attended by Romania through OPTBR; the study will also be presented to the European Commission for information on the valences of spa tourism and its inclusion in a European funding project.


- Seminar on the introduction of legislation on data protection; in line with the regulations in force and in the desire to support its members in approaching the new system, with the support of specialized companies, was organized in Calimanesti-Caciulata, at hotel Orizont***, a training seminar. Representatives from 12 resorts took part, who appreciated the information received and clarified - through debates - some aspects of law enforcement.